The Year of The Horse!

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This year has started with a bang! Buttercup (Splendida II) has qualified for SA State Dressage Champs, our stunning new mare is in foal to the legendary Farmer, and Maddy and Milly are utterly divine, cheeky and growing up way too fast! Have finally updated the website as well.

After the craziness that was 2013, we will be slowing down a little this year! Just the one foal expected and Buttercup will be having the winter off after state Champs in April.

Until then, however, we have a number of upcoming events.

Maddy is going to be involved in the ACE Assessment in February so am looking forward to hearing what the international assessors thoughts are and picking their brains for information.

Buttercup will be taking part in the Manolo Mendez clinic again in March, and then its onwards to the SA State Dressage Champs in April.

We’ll keep you updated of progress in the coming months, and may this year, the year of the horse, be the year your equine dreams come true!



Silly Season is Here!

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Well, I can’t believe its December already!! The last few months have just been such a blur.

We welcomed new broodmare, Summerhill Scarlet, to our team. She was purchased from Paula McRae of McArthur Warmblood Stud in NSW and is settling in nicely. She is by Salute out of a Ludendorf mare and just stunning to look at! Scarlet is off to the vet this weekend to see if we can get a successful pregnancy to Farmer (Voltaire x Amor). I think this combination will prove to be something very special, so fingers crossed!

Scarlet 2

Alverose Imagination (Maddy) is growing up so quickly, she is just so sweet and relaxed and still loves to have all the attention. She will be assessed by ACE in February so am looking forward to seeing if the assessors think she is as lovely as I do! If I don’t run out of time this season, Imogen will be going in foal to Exacto (sire of Splendida). He already has 2 from 2 pregnancies this year to warmblood mares so I’m hoping I’ll make it number 3! Imogen was hand-picked for this stallion so I am really keen to see how the combination will turn out! Going from both of their progeny, its going to be one laid back baby!


Splendida (Buttercup) continues to chip away at training. She is an absolute joy to take out and about and as she gets stronger she is starting to show more and more of her beautiful Spanish flair in her movement. She is still young so we are taking her very slowly, but it is hard when she offers so much! We are aiming for the State Young Horse Champs in February and then State Dressage Champs in April with her.


Miss Blevic (Moo) finally popped and gave birth to a stunning chestnut filly! Alverose Olympia (Milly) is by Royal Olymp and we can already see she has movement to burn! She is highly inquisitive and just beautiful to watch play. I am really excited about this one, I think she is going to be a real contender in any discipline.


Looking forward to winding down over the holidays and catching up on sleep. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Years – see you on the other side!

Wow, Time Flies!

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The last 8 weeks have been hectic!

Buttercup (Splendida II) is going so beautifully and just takes everything in her stride – nothing fazes this horse! Dressage at Southern Vales was cancelled again (they have been very unlucky with the weather this year) but did manage to get her out to a couple of days. I am so impressed by her attitude, and the judges had some very positive things to say as well.

I took her to the Manolo Mendez clinic where I learnt so much – the man is a true horseman with magnificent presence but also the most down to earth and humble human being. It was such a pleasure to watch Buttercup passage around him while he talked to her and listen to him because he explains as he’s going – I hope very much that he will return soon! The only downside was he made it look all rather too easy and I am slightly uncoordinated in weilding a 5m length of bamboo! Butter has been extremely forgiving of my clumsiness and as usual, does all she can to please. We will continue to practice though because I can already see the benefits of his techniques in her body.

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures – arggggh! Note to self, organise a camera person!

We have also welcomed our first foal to the world – Alverose Imagination! Imogen was cool, calm and collected (considering I was not) and delivered her foal with minimal intervention, proving an amazing mother from the word go. This little filly is everything I hoped she would be and I am looking to forward to watching her develop.


Where you’ll find us in the next few weeks…

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We have a busy schedule coming up:

3rd & 4th Aug – Miguel Tavora Clinic, Echunga

11th Aug – Adelaide Hills Dressage Club Official Competition, Strathalbyn (Splendida’s first dressage outing thanks to two cancelled days in a row!)

18th Aug – Southern Vales Dressage Club Official Competition, Aldinga

8th Sep – Adelaide Hills Dressage Club Official Competition and Young Horse, Strathalbyn

14th & 15th Sep – Manolo Mendez Clinic, Kersbrook

And somewhere in there, Imogen will give birth to a highly anticipated Furst Grandios foal!!cropped-brand1.jpg

Exacto in Horse Deals

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Exacto’s Ad in Horse Deals Stallion Edition.

So much more I wanted to say about this stallion but couldn’t fit in the space!

He is a National Champion, and held his own among the best of the best at the famous SICAB event in Spain.

He is consistently performing at Medium level dressage and training Prix St George, showing a talent for the higher movements.

He has a perfect jumping technique over fences even though he has had minimal training in this field.

But more importantly, he is such a gentleman to be around.

He has the conformation and temperament to excel in anything he does and he is passing this onto his progeny, one of which can be viewed by arrangement in South Australia.

A brilliant allrounder with a very impressive pedigree for any Andalusian breeder and the functionality to please any sport horse breeder.

We are very lucky to have frozen semen available in Australia and he is priced competitively in the Australian market.

If you would like to know more about him, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Breeding Season Coming Fast

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IMG_0460We have the first foal of the season due at Alverose in less than six weeks – amazing how time flies! I have a feeling this little colt or filly is going to be very special and can’t wait to see what the combination of Saluut and Argentinus lines will produce – I expect it will want to jump! Our next foal is due early December and crossing fingers it will be a spitting image of Dad – Royal Olymp (sire of Royal Oak II in WA). We now have Exacto semen stored around the country. He is the most beautiful stallion in temperament and talent and is going to be an asset to our breeding program. His daughter Splendida is progressing in every way we’d dreamed and has her first dressage outing this weekend.

Exacto – Frozen Semen available in Australia

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ExactoproudFrozen semen from Exacto will be available in Australia for the 2013/2014 breeding season. He is available for live cover and by frozen semen in the UK. For further details, please contact us.

Foundation mare Splendida arrives in Sydney

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The long awaited arrival of Exacto’s daughter in Australia has finally happened. Another 2 weeks in quarantine and then she’ll be heading to the stud.Butterquarantine

Exacto heads to Twemlows Hall (StallionAI.co.uk)

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Exacto is currently completig his stud duties before heading back to the competition arena.

Frozen semen will be available in Australia and the UK.Twemlows1 Twemlows2

Exacto competing at SICAB

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Sicab Exactosicab2 exactosicab3

Mr cool, calm and collected does everyone proud at Sicab 2012 including owner Clarey Law and trainer James Smith.