Wow, Time Flies!

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The last 8 weeks have been hectic!

Buttercup (Splendida II) is going so beautifully and just takes everything in her stride – nothing fazes this horse! Dressage at Southern Vales was cancelled again (they have been very unlucky with the weather this year) but did manage to get her out to a couple of days. I am so impressed by her attitude, and the judges had some very positive things to say as well.

I took her to the Manolo Mendez clinic where I learnt so much – the man is a true horseman with magnificent presence but also the most down to earth and humble human being. It was such a pleasure to watch Buttercup passage around him while he talked to her and listen to him because he explains as he’s going – I hope very much that he will return soon! The only downside was he made it look all rather too easy and I am slightly uncoordinated in weilding a 5m length of bamboo! Butter has been extremely forgiving of my clumsiness and as usual, does all she can to please. We will continue to practice though because I can already see the benefits of his techniques in her body.

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures – arggggh! Note to self, organise a camera person!

We have also welcomed our first foal to the world – Alverose Imagination! Imogen was cool, calm and collected (considering I was not) and delivered her foal with minimal intervention, proving an amazing mother from the word go. This little filly is everything I hoped she would be and I am looking to forward to watching her develop.